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Corporate Compliance

Northern Lights has developed a comprehensive corporate compliance program designed to promote and secure ethical and legal behavior that is aligned with our standards of performance and Code of Conduct. While preventing and eliminating fraud, waste, abuse, and other violations are the purposes of this program, we also provide resources to help you guide you and answer questions you may have. 

The Corporate Compliance program is administered by the Corporate Compliance Department and is headed by the Vice President for Clinical & Quality Services, who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors. 

The Corporate Compliance program consists of several key components:

  • Corporate Compliance Plan – with standards, policies, and procedures
  • Compliance oversight
  • Education and training
  • Monitoring and auditing processes
  • Enforcement and disciplinary policies
  • Response and corrective action 

Reporting inappropriate and unethical findings or any conduct that violates the United Helpers Code of Conduct or mission is everyone’s responsibility. By speaking up, we are ensuring that the well-being of our residents, staff, and ultimately the United Helpers organization is maintained and protected. 

We have a duty and responsibility to fully comply with investigations. 

Concerns, complaints, and potential policy violations may be reported by:

Telephone: Northern Lights Corporate Compliance Office – (315) 393-3072 ext. 313

Anonymous Hotline: (315) 800-5982 or toll-free (866) 813-7906

Email: corporatecompliance@nlchha.org

Mail: Northern Lights Corporate Compliance Office, 91 Main Street, Canton, NY 13617